Welcome to the Gators Soccer Club!

The Gators Soccer Club, centered around Sterling Heights, Michigan, believes in providing an atmosphere in which young soccer players can develop, learn, grow and excel as they travel in a friendly, family environment — where zero politics are tolerated! The Gators Soccer Club understand need to make youth soccer an exciting time to learn, and to create an atmosphere where they look back on it as an enjoyable experience.

The Club boasts the very best in coaching. All are licensed and have played the game at a high level. All are more than capable of coaching beyond 13 years-old, where youth soccer becomes more strategic. All are great with the kids and have great people skills so any concerns can be immediately addressed with the coach.

The aim for all our coaches is to set the standard for all kids to compete at High School level with the further option of playing in college and receiving financial assistance. Coaches are reminded regulary of the need to show fair play, sportsmanship and respect to the opposition. It is Club policy for teams not to embarrass opposition with high scores. Financial assistance is available for those suffering from the Michigan economy on an individual basis.


Recent News


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New Coach & Golf Outing

Gators Soccer Club would like to take this time to welcome Kevin Hall to our family.  Kevin played club soccer for TSC for years growing up and was on the 1997 state championship winning Athens High School team.  Kevin will be coming on as primarily Malcolm’s assistant, but will also provide coverage to other teams. Please welcome him to the club when you see him.  He is also practically a scratch golfer which leads me to…

The First Annual Gators Golf Outing.  Kevin will be spearheading the golf outing.  We are looking to get all interested families out playing some golf (or at least trying to).  The planning is in early stages yet, but we are looking to do it one Saturday in August.  We are looking at some nice golf courses around the Troy area (Sylvan Glen, Sanctuary Lake, etc.).  Depending on availability, price and amount of people interested will determine where we play.  Anyone is welcome to play.  Format will be a four man scramble with all the usual prizes (top team, closest to pin, longest drive, etc.).  For now, we are just looking to see what the interest is.  If you are interested (not committing yet), please let us know how many golfers and email us at: