Fun Bags

You know, I think it’s great. After an adored television show is canceled, a lot of young stars with huge geek followings might have tried to turn a quick buck by showing some skin in a low-rent magazine. Not Kristen Bell! No sir. Bell wants to be taken seriously. First of all, she’s branching out … Read more


Pam Anderson is finally trotting that tired ass of hers out to pasture, saying in a recent interview that she plans to retire in five years. “I get offers to do movies and TV all the time. I say no to everything. Drives my agent crazy,” she says, laughing. “But I’m lazy. I don’t want … Read more


I present W.I.M.B.’s first edition of our “Unflattering Photos” feature, in which we demonstrate that even attractive people can look funky, weird, gruesome, or just plain dumb if they are caught in a certain pose. Today’s victim: John Cusack, star of Say Anything, Grosse Point Blank, and the forthcoming Grace is Gone. And if the … Read more

Olfactory Bogey

Here’s a tip, Steve Carell. Lubricate your finger before inserting. A little saliva or, if you have it handy, some Vaseline will go a long way toward extracting nose goblins quickly and painlessly. Here’s another tip, Steve: After you’ve successfully removed your snot rocket, if you roll it between your thumb and forefinger for a … Read more


Just when you think that Jessica Simpson might possibly be making decisions on her own, a source tells Page Six that when it comes to her new romance with Tony Romo — it was none other than the perpetually creepy Papa Joe Simpson pulling the strings. Joe and Tony have been friendly for a while. … Read more


I can’t decide if there is more talent or ego in this room, but it’s clear there is enough blowhard in this single photo to wreak tsunami-like destruction on all of Los Angeles.¬† How did the photographer¬† manage to hang on to his camera with that much windbaggery in front of him. Seriously: You put … Read more

Nice Person

You know what I love about this photo? It love that the photographer was able to capture so much about these two actresses’ personality with this one snapshot. I mean, just look at Julianne Moore. This picture says that, no, she’s not particularly pleased about posing for a photo, but she’s all too willing to … Read more


The Independent Spirit Awards were announced yesterday; Todd Haynes’ Dylan biopic, I’m Not There, picked up four noms, including best picture, joining other best pic nominees, Juno, A Mighty Heart, Paranoid Park, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Lisa Kudrow announced the awards, standing alongside a giant, inflatable penis wearing a black shirt and … Read more


Permashock-faced talk show host Carson Daly is defying the writer’s strike by starting production of new episodes of “Last Call with Carson Daly” this week — his show being the first and only late night talk show to do so. Well, I’ve always said, “People wouldn’t watch that asshole Carson Daly if his show was … Read more


I know, Uma. There, there. It’s all gonna be OK. I do it to, you know. I think we all do. When time’s are rough. When the only affection we can get is from a stalker (and even he denies it). When our love life is in shambles. When our career is swirling in a … Read more