I can’t decide if there is more talent or ego in this room, but it’s clear there is enough blowhard in this single photo to wreak tsunami-like destruction on all of Los Angeles.  How did the photographer  manage to hang on to his camera with that much windbaggery in front of him. Seriously: You put a blowhard and a gasbag within three feet of one another and you’re just asking for a sucking chest wound. It’s like a black hole of assbaggery in there. That poor woman stuck in the middle doesn’t realize that the swirling hot air in the room is about to propel her into the receding lights.

And why do I have this ditty running through my head: “Lions and Hamsters and Pigs, Oh My!”

Oh, and Richard Gere: Awesome glasses, man. I knew a guy who had a pair just like them back in the seventh grade, only his had duct tape around the nose and he’d super glued one of the temples to the side of his head after it broke in half. We called him Lady Killer.

Blowhard: A very braggy and pretentious person, overly prideful and arrogant. Examples include Richard Gere, Alec Baldwin, Oprah Winfrey, and almost all political pundits.