Celebrity Rehab Pool

With Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and sober, Britney forced to undergo court-mandated drug testing, and Paris too preoccupied with spreading goodwill and STDs across the globe, we here at Webster’s picked a helluva time to start a gossip blog. So, we’re just going to create our own excitement by introducing W.I.M.B.’s celebrity rehab pool. Starting today, and on the 27th of each month hereinafter (or the next business day after the 27th), Webster’s will be running our $100 monthly celebrity rehab pool. How does it work? Easy.

In the comments section, pick the celebrity you believe will be the next to enter a rehab facility. It’s first come, first serve, and the contest restarts each month. $100 goes to the winner. The criteria are as follows:

1) Must be a bona fide celebrity, as adjudicated by our Fame Committee, which consists of Stacey, myself, the Manslave, Webster’s Dominatrix, and popular opinion.

2) The celebrity must have had one moderately high-profile gig in the last two years. In other words, Steve Guttenberg counts, but Todd Bridges does not.

3) Only top tier reality stars are eligible, which include only finalists in any of the following: “Survivor,” “American Idol,” or “Dancing with the Stars.”

4) The rehab must be for drugs, alcohol, or homosexuality. Evidence that that celebrity is in rehab must be confirmed by a legitimate news source; The National Enquirer doesn’t count, but AP or Reuters does.

5) Only guesses within the first 48 hours of each monthly contest count. If the contest starts on the 27th, guesses are only good until noon on the 29th of each month.

6) Leave your guess in the comments section; please, don’t forget to add your email address so that we can contact you. We will not, however, sell, barter, or eat your email address (in fact, unless you win, we won’t even bother to check that you entered it). Only one winner per month; the contest ends when we arbitrarily decide to end it.