Dramatic Pause

Big news in TV land over the weekend; Elizabeth Berkley, a.k.a. Jesse Spano, has been signed on as a recurring character on “C.S.I. Miami.” She’s been tapped to play Horatio’s (David Caruso) ex-wife.

We caught up with Caruso, and asked him how he felt about the casting decision. Here’s what he said:

Caruso (removes sunglasses for dramatic affect): Berkley? Is that the woman … who … fucked a stripper … pole … in Showgirls? (puts on sunglasses for dramatic affect) The verdict … is in: She’s hot. (removes sunglasses for dramatic affect). I’d … hit that … I’d love to … be her … A.C. Slater. (puts on sunglasses for dramatic affect). I’ll be in … my trailer … if you … need … anything … (removes sunglasses for dramatic affect) else.

Dramatic Pause: A beat or two of silence with no dialogue and little or no music/background sound. Usually done to heighten the anticipation before the reveal.