Entitlement Defined
The fact of having a right to something.

You know something? Hulk Hogan is like, the best Dad ever. Somebody should make a TV show about what an awesome dad he is. It could be called something “Hogan Knows Best How to Fill His Spawn with an Inflated Sense of Entitlement.” For as you see, Hogan’s son Nick has finally opened up about the irresponsible drag racing accident that left his passenger, John Graziano, requiring permanent life support. Via Nick’s myspace blog:

“omggggg its been forever since i blogged…hell i dont even know what blog means but i guess its where you write stuff for people to read

anyways my last one was before i even drove for mopar, if you check my pics youll see that i did end up driving for them for my amateur season and most of my pro rookie season. i recently left the mopar team tho…things didnt work out to well

but!….i picked up a new title sponsor…POLAROID! and started my own team with twin 350z’s pretty cool i know

anyways id like everyone to wish my luck for my 08 season and keep john graziano in your prayers”

See? He’s totally sorry. It should be noted, however, that the man Nick put into a coma was a U.S. Marine who had previously survived through two tours in Iraq. So maybe if the Marines need somebody to take John’s place, they can draft Nick into service. Only instead of equipping him with armor and weaponry, they can just drop him from a plane naked into the middle of the dessert, and maybe even ring a giant dinner bell so the insurgents know he’s there. Reparations, baby — lick it up.