Fun Bags

You know, I think it’s great. After an adored television show is canceled, a lot of young stars with huge geek followings might have tried to turn a quick buck by showing some skin in a low-rent magazine. Not Kristen Bell! No sir. Bell wants to be taken seriously. First of all, she’s branching out — Bell refuses to be typecast as a geek girl, which is why she’d never do something as obvious as a sci-fi show or a movie devoted to Fanboys. She wants to be thought of, first and foremost, as an actress and not a pair of breasts, which is why she’d never pose in a short skirt and a bra or in cleavage-baring spaghetti straps. Right?

Good for you, Kristen. It’s time someone took a stand and said to the world, “I want to be respected for my talent, not my fun bags.” And there are thousands of fanboys out there doing exactly that: Respecting your talent, Kristen.

Fun Bags: Slang word for womens breasts, which Kristen Bell keeps under layers and layers of wool.