Ho Bucket

The first casting choice has been made for the upcoming G.I. Joe film, due for release in August 2009, and it’s a doozy. Sienna freakin’ Miller has been cast as the female lead in the live-action flick, which will be directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy).

Sienna Miller?! Really?! Granted, I didn’t watch a lot of “G.I. Joe” when I was a wee dominatrix (I was more of a “Loony Tunes” kind of gal), but I don’t remember a character called Ho Bucket, so I’m guessing the writers are spicing up the new G.I. Joe by adding a vapid, talentless starletard into the mix, which is just great. Every smurf village needs its Smurfette, and anyway, I’d always envisioned a G.I. Joe in which the soldiers took time away from saving the fucking world to scream, “Show us your tits!”

Ho Bucket: A ho bucket is a bucket of ho, of course!