Hyper-Democratic Celebrity

Hyper-Democratic Celebrity
As defined by Joshua Gamson, the author of Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America, a hyper-democratic celebrity is a celebrity who doesn’t earn his or her status by hard work or even as a product of the Hollywood manufacturing machine, but by virtue of simple self-made cyberpopularity — no talent required.

If you don’t know who Tila Tequila is, well — clearly, you’re completely alone in that regard. Like Paris Hilton before her, Tila Tequila has parlayed nothing into something. While Kim Kardishan became a celebrity by virtue of creating a celebrity sex tape (there’s some brain-sapping logic in that notion), Ms. Tequila (real name: Tila Nguyen) has created her hyper-democratic celebrity by amassing over 1.7 million MySpace friends.

How, one may ask, is it possible for a personality who great hunks of the citizenry never imagined existed to build up a social network more populous than Dallas? How can Tila Tequila have become enormously famous having done little of note beyond appearing as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week? When exactly in the Warholian arc of fame did we arrive at a point where we create celebrities of people so little accomplished that they make Paris Hilton look like Marie Curie?

How, indeed. Like other great unsolved mysteries of our time — what is the dark matter holding the galaxies together made up of? how can a skin cell become a nerve cell? what is the basis of consciousness? — the Tila Tequila phenomena may forever remain unexplained. However, I suspect — given the alien shape of her head — that extra-terrestrial forces are involved.


Tila is an alien in human form sent here by other aliens to become famous enough (thru the internet, no less) to get her own crappy lovefest contest on MTV so she can find a new human love slave for research purposes in front of a national audience. Oh, how her home planet must be laughing at us now. Stupid humans. On an unrelated note – a new website to waste even more of my precious time on rather than getting work done. Really? You must have been reading my mind.

I know that I should, in theory, have no idea who this woman is but alas I do. She reminds me of the old PS2 adverts from a few years ago, where the strange alien looking girl talks about nothing in particular in a Scottish accent. Seriously. She looks just like that. Or a Bratz doll.