Lament Defined
1. to feel or express sorrow or regret for. 2. to mourn for or over

John Stamos had a good run. Really, he did. There was “Full House, ” and who didn’t love Jesse Katsopolis and his feathery mullet of jocular defiance? Plus there was that time when he totally got to play drums in The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” video! And he even got married to that supermodel, who probably even slept in the same bed with him and let him touch her sometimes.

So what if if she ended up dumping him for the fat kid from Stand By Me and now shows up to places looking smoking hot like this? No, we really need not lament John Stamos personal and professional career — even if he is sitting at home by himself right now, crying in his bowl of Cap’n Crunch that he had to prepare with piƱa colada mixer because he was all out of milk. At least he’s got the memories — and if he’s lucky, maybe even a small part in Farce of the Penguins 2.