Mary Kate Olsen’s rep says she’s resting comfortably after having been hospitalized with a kidney infection on Monday. Ironically, this comes not long after Olsen recently stated that she’s in perfect health. “Mentally, physically, I feel pretty on top of my game right now,” she told in September, as she prepared for her debut … Read more

Fairy Tale

Charlie Sheen and fiancee Brooke Mueller were in Las Vegas this past weekend for the grand opening of the Planet Hollywood Hotel, and reportedly told People that they considered a quickie Vegas wedding while in town. “It’s funny, you can’t help but think about it while you’re here,” Sheen said. “I’ve thought about it.” But … Read more

Nucking Futs

Nucking Futs Defined(Via Urban Dictionary) An improvement on an already sweet phrase. Makes it more entertaining to say. Heather Mills has just propelled herself from a “Bitch Crazy” level of insanity to downright nucking futs.¬†After a public rant at the launch of her pro-vegan campaign for animals charity Viva! this weekend, Mills suggested that instead … Read more


Technique DefinedThe manner and ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, or the like employs the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor. Above, Rachel Ray at a NYC book signing, demonstrating Jesse on the Brink’s fellatio techniques. 1) Operation: “Just like the childhood game, don’t touch the sides! Open your … Read more


Mistake DefinedAn action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. Courtney Love wrote on her website that she is considering following in Radiohead’s footsteps by giving her new album away on the internet for free. She says (heavily edited thanks to Starpulse): “The kamikaze pilot in me wants to do the same damn thing. I’m … Read more


Achievement DefinedA thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill. Because I like to give credit where credit is due, I’d like to award Mary Kate Olsen with outstanding achievement in dressing like an asshole — as you can see, she has really outdone herself this time. A look this redonkously beat ass doesn’t … Read more

Brain Fart

Brain Fart DefinedWhen you are attempting to remember something very obvious, something that you know you should know. This feeling often leads to head banging and hair pulling. I mean, look at the photo. It’s obvious, right? A million little jokes should jump into my mind. Kristen Bell is gawping at $4. Four single dollar … Read more


Hard Defined(via Urban Dictionary) Gangsta. From the streets. Always gettin their hustle on. One who keeps it real. Someone that doesn’t let “the man” hold them down. Lindsay Lohan served just 84 minutes of her 24 hour minimum sentence yesterday, which was part of a plea deal from her two DUI cases earlier this year. … Read more


Lam DefinedEscaping, fleeing, or hiding, esp. from the police. Hayden Panettiere is on the lam from Japanese authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest stemming from an incident last month when she and a group of activists interfered with a dolphin hunt. Asked what the repercussions might be from the warrant, Panettiere said, … Read more


Dipshit DefinedA despised person; a moron; an ineffectual person; one with a habit of being wrong, loudly and often. Amy Winehouse continues to fail at life after getting booed offstage by angry fans at a live performance in London last night. The evenings foibles included showing up a half hour late, walking into a guitar … Read more