It’s been nearly three months now since Heath Ledger’s wife, Michelle Williams, pancaked him. And despite appearing in the new Dylan biopic over the weekend, it looks like Ledger is not taking the break-up very well. I know, Heath — it’s been rough. But, an insane asylum? Dude — you’re taking it too hard. There are other starlets in the sea, man. Get some sun; maybe a facial and some hair coloring. The green really isn’t your look. And the straight jacket?! C’mon, Heath; that is soo 2006. It’s nice that you can keep a smile on your face through all of this, though. Smile through the tears, fella. Smile through the tears.

You keep that chin up, big guy. We’ve all been there.  And I know you’ll get through it and come out on the other side a better, stronger man. 

Pancaked: To get dumped suddenly and without reason.