Retahded Defined
Pronunciation of “retarded” attributed to residents of the Boston area.

Our boy, Ben Affleck — filming his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone (opening Oct. 15th) — went to great lengths during production to curtail costs. In fact, rather than hire extras, he improvised by getting locals drunk. He explains:

Basically, what we did was, wherever possible, we went down to locations — say we shot in a bar — and we basically said, ‘Whoever’s at your barstool, we’re gonna show up and make the movie, stay where you are. We’re gonna make the movie around you.’ A lot of times, and I’m not sure if this is legal, we were just buying people drinks.

One local in Southie saw it like this: “Here I am mindin’ my own fackin’ bizzness, and this so-called Hollywood directah comes up and shoves a camera in my face, says I’m gonna be in a moovee. It was retahded. Like I’m suppose to be impressed?! Like I don’t see that fackin’ retahd with his skeeza wife every time I watch the Sox — those assholes on NESN are more interested in showing his ugly mug than the fackin’ ballgame. And I’m all like, ‘fahk you, Affleck. Take your big-time camera crew and all your gahbge and get the fack out of my bah, you fackin’ retahd. I don’t wanna be in your fackin’ movee.’ That nerve of that guy — he thinks every bah in Boston is frickin’ Cheeahs. But, then he bought me a coupla Sams and a grinda, and I was all like, ‘Pissah!” You were the bomb in Phantoms, yo!’”