Sissy Defined
A person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.

Fred Claus
star Vince Vaughn and his rapidly swelling noggin recently admitted to the press that he pretended to believe in Santa Claus until he was 16 years old so he wouldn’t miss out on Christmas gifts. Wow. No — just, wow.

They (my brother and sister) said, ‘Don’t tell mom and dad, because then we may not get gifts anymore.'” “I was like 16 going, ‘Dad, when is Santa coming down the chimney?’ My dad was like, ‘Look it’s getting weird, you are getting older, you know there’s not a Santa, right?'”

Yep, that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. But in all seriousness, you really gotta feel for poor Vince Vaughn’s dad. Most parents just have to worry about their teenage boys staying out late and maybe smoking weed now and then — but poor Mr. Vaughn got stuck with this sissy boy pretending to believe in Santa so he wouldn’t miss out on waking up to a brand new tea set Christmas morning. Holidays may come and go, but shame? That lasts for a lifetime.


frendzimagary: Okay, you see… Personally, I find this very endearing. I did almost the same thing. I mean, I knew Santa wasn’t real, but I continued to believe in him well into my teens. I didn’t want the magic to go away. I wouldn’t let my parents talk about him being fictional around me before Christmas or anything. I insisted we put out milk and cookies, even to the point where I was the one taking bites of them at two in the morning. But, obviously, I am a sap.