Nethertrim DefinedThe triangle-shaped area immediately above the female nether regions, i.e., where female reproduction takes place; it can be groomed (trimmed) or ungroomed (untrimmed), depending on the personal tastes of the¬† female in question. There was a time mere months ago when gossip publications had exacting, rigorous publication standards. In order to ¬†merit inclusion in … Read more


Union Defined:A state of harmony or agreement. Nicole Kidman is so enamored in wedded bliss that she refuses to discuss how awesomely happy and secure her union is. In fact, she told Interview that she won’t talk about how super deeply in love she is with her husband, male styling product aficionado and sometimes country … Read more


Nevernude DefinedRare psychological affliction of never being able to be completely naked; insistence on covering one’s genitalia and/or buttocks. Jessica Alba was asked a question she’s been asked a million times before, and once again answered in the same way. But if you read closely, you might be able to detect a slight bit of … Read more


Vajayjay DefinedThough it’s origin is in dispute (the NYTimes wrongly attributes it to “Grey’s Anatomy,” though “GA” certainly introduced it to mainstream audiences), the term vajayjay refers to a female’s naughty bits. The NYTimes Styles Section, in its infinite wisdom, ran an entire article on the origin and usage of the term, Vajayjay over the … Read more

Shit Magnet

Shit Magnet Defined1. Person who for some inextricable reason attracts bad things and events to happen to them. 2. Any person, in which trouble and drama, follows them everywhere they go. Veritable shit magnet Rosie O’Donnell has attracted fecal matter yet again. While promoting her new book Celebrity Detox in New York this past weekend, … Read more


DoucheRod DefinedA DoucheRod is an extreme version of a douchebag, which — as the Urban Dictionary describes — is a person with a shitty personality that needs to “take them self the fuck down” or “go home and get their fucking shine box.” A DoucheRod, like its lesser douchebag cousin, usually assumes the form of … Read more


Blase DefinedUnimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before. Like a turd splashing into a dirty latrine, Britney Spears’ stinker “Blackout” dropped today. But like anything having do with Ms. Spears, the ordeal wouldn’t be complete without a ridiculously blase attempt at controversy. On the menu today? Fresh … Read more

Sneaky Butcher

Sneaky Butcher DefinedA term used to refer to a gay man when you don’t want someone “not in the know” to actually know you’re talking about a gay man (while it may not be derogatory, depending on the context, it more often than not is). Derivation: A sneaky butcher likes to sneak meat out the … Read more


Misguided DefinedHaving or showing faulty judgment or reasoning In an egregiously misguided use of a church congregation, a pastor in Lexington, Kentucky is asking parishioners to ban together and write letters to Britney Spears. And not even the hate mail she so richly deserves, either. No — nice letters. From the church’s website: Take a … Read more


Bootsy DefinedAccording to the Urban Dictionary, something is “bootsy” if it’s particularly horrible or wretched. As in, William Shatner thinks it’s an absolutely bootsydecision to not have him be part of the next Star Trek flick. As you may have heard, JJ Abrams is directing a a new movie about the Starship Enterprise that is … Read more