Kevin Federline appears on the cover of this month’s Details “Power & Influence” issue — somehow managing to rank No. 7 on the magazine’s list of 50 “power players” for essentially being a high priced gigolo with invincible sperm. So many jokes to be made here — but you know what? Fuck it, I quit. … Read more


During a sold out concert in Long Island last week, R. Kelly took a moment to pay his respects to Donda West who had been laid to rest earlier in the week. Kelly stopped his show and stated, “Let’s have a moment of silence for Kanye West’s mom,” and, after a brief moment, he dedicated … Read more


It’s been nearly three months now since Heath Ledger’s wife, Michelle Williams, pancaked him. And despite appearing in the new Dylan biopic over the weekend, it looks like Ledger is not taking the break-up very well. I know, Heath — it’s been rough. But, an insane asylum? Dude — you’re taking it too hard. There … Read more

Celebrity Rehab Pool

With Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and sober, Britney forced to undergo court-mandated drug testing, and Paris too preoccupied with spreading goodwill and STDs across the globe, we here at Webster’s picked a helluva time to start a gossip blog. So, we’re just going to create our own excitement by introducing W.I.M.B.’s celebrity rehab pool. … Read more


I’m sure you’re all just giddy with anticipation to see what grandiose plans Britney Spears has for her follow up video to “Gimmie More.” Well, since this is Fats McObvious we’re talking about here — uh, yeah — it’s gonna be filmed in a club. Again. A set source tells Us that since Spears, 25, … Read more


Remember the 10th grade? And remember how English teachers would assign 700-word papers, and it felt like your head was going to esplode because you couldn’t imagine stringing together that many words? So, when you finally sat down to do it, you just began rambling — writing whatever came to mind, no matter how tedious, … Read more


Zac Hanson, the youngest member of the suck-pop outfit Hanson, has revealed that he and his wife Kate are expecting their first child. “I am utterly thrilled at the thought of becoming a father,” says Zac, 22. “I can’t wait to meet this person.” Adds Kate, 23, “This is the most amazing time for us. … Read more


Former “Bachelor” contestant Mary Delgado was arrested on battery charges for assaulting her fiancee, aforementioned bachelor Byron Velvick last week. Police say that Delgado and Velvick, who appeared on the Bachelor’s sixth season, got in an angry confrontation at 12:15 on Wednesday morning. According to police, Delgado hit Velvick in the face, splitting his upper … Read more

Dramatic Pause

Big news in TV land over the weekend; Elizabeth Berkley, a.k.a. Jesse Spano, has been signed on as a recurring character on “C.S.I. Miami.” She’s been tapped to play Horatio’s (David Caruso) ex-wife. We caught up with Caruso, and asked him how he felt about the casting decision. Here’s what he said: Caruso (removes sunglasses … Read more


Entitlement DefinedThe fact of having a right to something. You know something? Hulk Hogan is like, the best Dad ever. Somebody should make a TV show about what an awesome dad he is. It could be called something “Hogan Knows Best How to Fill His Spawn with an Inflated Sense of Entitlement.” For as you … Read more