I present W.I.M.B.’s first edition of our “Unflattering Photos” feature, in which we demonstrate that even attractive people can look funky, weird, gruesome, or just plain dumb if they are caught in a certain pose.

Today’s victim: John Cusack, star of Say Anything, Grosse Point Blank, and the forthcoming Grace is Gone. And if the six snapshots above were metaphors for his film career, they would represent the ugly side of Cusack: Con Air, America’s Sweethearts, and Must Love Dogs. And you can bet your ass, Cusack would’ve never used one of the above photos on his Match.com profile. Take another look at the top, middle photo: Yipes!

Unflattering: Showing or representing unfavorably. But, let’s not leave you with only unflattering images of Cusack — here is the Cusack we know and love. Hi John.